The Power of Positive Self-Talk

power of positive self-talkThis is my first blog post in the inspiration section of The Inspiration Boutique and I could not be more excited to write it. I hope you all find this topic impactful in some way, because it is a topic that should be discussed more often. The topic I am going to discuss in this post is the topic of positive self-talk and I will give as much insight as I possibly can based on my own experiences.

Your Ego is Not Your Boss

There was a point in my life not too long ago where I became disconnected. Disconnected from my family, disconnected from my hobbies and interests, disconnected from friends, disconnected from my relationship at the time, and disconnected from myself. While I was away at college, I became isolated and pushed all feelings and emotions under the rug. I refused to feel anything, and I couldn’t understand why. I started to constantly beat myself about it too, which caused a snowball effect.

One negative thought led to another. If I told myself that I was dumb for procrastinating on a homework assignment, or that I was gonna fail out of college because I didn’t study for a media history test, it led to worse and worse thoughts. My ego was being a huge bitch.

If anyone does not know much about the ego have no fear, I don’t either. I just know that it is a funny thing. Read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and he will break that one down brilliantly for you. This is my shot at explaining it:

power of positive self-talkThe ego is fictional. It is an identity you yourself creates. We assemble it by taking all the beliefs we have of what we are such as our judgements about our talents, capabilities, and personality. When you take all those beliefs and bunch them together you develop the structure of your ego. When you make negative statements about yourself such as “I am not pretty” or “I suck at sports,” the ego will hide behind the “I” and “me” in those proclaimed thoughts.

The ego is deceitful and creates very powerful emotional reactions and then will point fingers at us for how it made us feel. Our ego is complex, but we are not our ego, and I think people have a hard time understanding that concept. I have to remind myself constantly that I am not who and what my ego is trying to convince me of.

That was my shot at trying to unravel the mystery of the ego. You could really talk about it for hours. This past year has been a year of self-revelations and one thing that I have learned is that my lowest point in my life was caused by the snowball effect of negative self-talk and my false ego. I managed to manifest only negativity and it got me absolutely nowhere, but I am so grateful I hit rock bottom because it led me to where I am now.

Start Practicing Positive Self-Talk Now

I know it is much easier said than done, but you really can start at least practicing positive self-talk right this very second. I know, I know, it sounds impossible. You’re ego is most likely already telling you “that is crazy you aren’t capable of doing that.” Just remember, the ego is not your boss. Although it can be quite the difficult task, and trust me I understand, it is possible. You have total and complete control over your mind. Here are some simple ways to start loving yourself and practicing positive self-talk right now:

  • power of positive self-talkStick post-it notes around your room or anywhere you want with positive affirmations such as “I am feeling great and ready to tackle today.”
  • Literally talk to yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are awesome, because you are.
  • Although you may not be able to surround yourself with positive people all day because of certain obligations such as work or school, when you are done being around the people that don’t higher your vibratory levels, choose to be around the people that you know love you for everything that you are.
  • Before you lay your head down to sleep, only focus on the great things that happened during your day and your dreams will be sweeter.

power of positive self talkThese are a few ways I practice positive self-talk everyday. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, so positive self-talk is no exception. You must practice this act every day, and I promise it will get easier. There will be times where you may feel like it’s impossible, but hang in there! You have to start somewhere, right? Remember, love makes the world go round, and if you love yourself then you will be capable of loving others and that is the snowball effect you want to see.

Style Shortcuts for the Lazy Gal

style shortcuts for the lazy galOne thing that I have learned about myself over the years and have finally come to terms with is that sometimes I’m just flat out lazy and sluggish when it comes to my appearance. Minimal effort is the way I roll.

I am assuming most of you have heard a familiar saying that goes a little something like “I want to have my cake and eat it too.” Well, that one phrase sums up my struggle every morning of wanting to appear as though I belong on the cover of Elle Magazine but not wanting to lift a single finger in the process. Ok, maybe I’ll lift a finger or two but that is because I don’t have a personal stylist to help me out. I’m just not that rich…yet.

With all that being said, I thought I would help all you fellow lazy girls out by giving you some style shortcuts that don’t require you waking up at the asscrack of dawn but will leave you looking like you just left the set of a photo shoot.

Beanie Baby

style shortcuts for the lazy girlIf your hair is greasy because you didn’t have the energy to wash it the night before, throw on your favorite beanie and you’re good to go. This is one of my go-to looks when I am having a bad hair day. Some stores that sell cute beanies at decent prices are Forever 21, H&M, PacSun.

If you aren’t into the whole beanie look, here are some other tips to try when you’re hair isn’t making the cut:

  •  Slick your hair back in a ponytail and tease it a bit.
  •  Hairspray it and it will look like you just got your hair done at a salon.
  •  This look will show off your pretty face so don’t be shy! I am a big fan of the ponytail.

Tips for Quick Makeup Application

style shortcuts for the lazy galTo be honest, I am not a huge makeup wearer, but when it is necessary I will throw some on. Considering I have to wake up at 6 am every morning for work I have zero desire to put on makeup, but to avoid looking like a zombie, some makeup application is obligatory. Here is a list of some easy makeup application tips if you are a lazy gal like me:

  • If you have a favorite bronzer or blush, simply apply a little to your cheeks to bring back some color in your face.
  • If I do have some extra time to kill, I’ll put on some foundation, preferably powder foundation. It evens out your skin and makes it look nice and clean.
  • Curling your eyelashes can be a nice alternative to putting on mascara, or you can do both. I have short eyelashes so in that case curling your eyelashes can really make a difference.
  • If you’re feeling bold apply a pink or red lip. It takes 2 seconds and can really make you feel confident and ready to tackle the day.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can try out if you are a working girl like me who just needs an easy way out sometimes when it comes to getting ready in the morning. It is cheating, but in the best way possible. If there is a simple way to look good then go with the simple way! If you have any other style tips for the lazy girl feel free to comment!